About Us

Hize is a diverse team of consultants and specialists who power the people side of your business growth and guide you through the most challenging points of your bussiness journey.

Hize human Consulting Services

Our Mission

To empower individuals, organizations, and communities to reach their full potential and lead fulfilling lives by providing expert guidance and innovative solutions in the different dimensions of human development. We strive to create a better future, one person, organization, and community at a time.

Our Value Proposition

  • Purpose-driven:

    By emphasizing the company's mission to help individuals and organizations improve health, education, and opportunities, and to create more just and equitable communities, we seek the desire to make a positive impact on the world alongside with our clients.
  • Social responsibility:

    By incorporating sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and other social responsibility initiatives into our services and operations.
  • Work-life balance:

    By offering flexible work arrangements and promoting a healthy work-life balance, the company for our teams to have a more fulfilling and sustainable lifestyle.
  • Authenticity:

    By emphasizing the company's commitment to transparency, honesty, ethical practices, and reliability.
  • Personalized approach:

    By offering tailored and personalized services to meet the specific needs and goals of our clients, we set high standards for quality individualized attention and support.

Values define what we do

Empowerment of all

A strong commitment to empowering individuals, organizations, and communities to reach their full potential and lead fulfilling lives.


A focus on developing and implementing innovative solutions to the challenges facing individuals, organizations, and communities in the areas of health, education, and opportunities.


A commitment to working closely with clients and partners to achieve common goals and create a better future for all.


A commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusiveness in all aspects of the company's work, and a belief in the power of human development to create a more inclusive and just world.

Marcela Sepulveda

Social Worker, Consultant in People Management, Human Development & Social Business Management.

Carolina Borda

Psychologist and HR VP Senior Consultant in People Management, 11 years of experience in human resources.

Estefania Lecompte

Social communicator and journalist. Internal and external communications Specialist.

Laura Sánchez

Psychologist, Well-being and Human Development & Social Business Management. Specialist.

Angelica Sánchez

Social Communicator and Journalist, Organizational Communication Specialist.

Hize human Consulting Services

New Consultant

Soon we will have a new and extraordinary consultant in the team.